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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #3 Heads up!

Odo was mildly surprised to learn that Morn's oft-heard claim that he "wasn't really there" until he had his first cup of raktajino was a literal fact.

Jadzia: Hot water. For Kirayoshi's birth. I brought it.

...and they say I'm not the maternal kind.

Quark: Jake, that steamy Andorian mystery you wrote has got a helluva turnover. These Starfleet types really love the blue know. Can you write Bolians?

Jadzia claimed that a gaseous anomaly nearby prevented the Defiant from retrieving the data regarding Earth's historic 2010 "World Cup", allegedly attended by Romulan agents in disguise -- but others claimed to hear her muttering about those "damned vuvuzelas" shortly before the subspace receiver went down.
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