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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

Wont read them; wont watch them; they are wimp vampires.

Talk to Lestat, Khayman, Maharet, Gabrielle, Armand, and of course Marius.

Do your research , Kids.

Vlad Dracul, Le loup garou
(Silver has no effect on a were-wolf; as a cross as no effect on a vampire.)
silver cannot be used as a bullet-chemistry.
Why would a vampire be afraid of someone who gave His life for death? Jealousy?
We wont go into mirrors.

You kids are so caught up in the romance--nothing romantic about depriving others of life so YOU can live forever. Are the powers that be teaching you selfishness, at the expense of others?

That's what I got out of Business School.

Think about it
Surprise Me, Holy Void! --Ship, departing Pandora (Frank Herbert)
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