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Re: The Last Airbender - Grading & Discussion

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How were the pronunciations changed? I'd assume "Aang" was pronounced with an "ah" sound, which would make sense to me. Were there other changes as well?
According to one of the other reviews I've read, Iroh now rhymes with "hero", and Sokka is "Soak-a".
Those make sense to me as "Asianized" pronunciations of the names as they're spelled. Yes, they're different, but then, so are the appearances of the actors. I can understand him trying to differentiate his film. Of all the complaints I've heard, this one seems fairly trivial. (And frankly it always bugged me that Mai's name was pronounced "May" instead of "Mye." A name pronounced "May" should be spelled "Mei." So the show wasn't exactly accurate in its pronunciations to begin with.)

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Though hopefully Nickelodeon is smart and pulled the license from M. Night. Hell maybe they will reboot the film franchise after just the first film!
I think the license would belong to Paramount and/or The Kennedy/Marshall Company. They could easily assign another director if they chose to continue the series.

I think the right way to go from here in theatrical terms would be an animated feature film from the original creators, in the original show's continuity. Which, of course, is what I've been saying all along that they should've done instead of this.
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