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Re: Primeval series 4

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I'll watch... But with low expectations.

This show has been going downhill since the end of the first 'series'. While series 2 was decent, I think the seeds of the shows decline can be seen in the series one finale. It all started with the changed history. And the of course series 3 threw out all semblance of logic.

So I have to agree with others - Give me a anomaly that takes me to a place where the season 1 cast goes on. And where the plot takes a very different turn. The show seemed to be on the cusp of revealing some grand strategy behind the anomalies (perhaps created by someone/something), but instead they made them all random and more common than rain on a cloudy day.
Same here. It started out great but ever since that reset button (which turned one of the greatest characters into the most annoying one) the whole thing has turned into the usual cookie cutter stuff.
I'll probably watch it but since the newer episodes are full with stuff even Doctor Who couldn't pull off with a straight face I'm not exactly thrilled.
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