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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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Bring on the uterus slaughter and infantile pedophillia!
Sad part is from what I hear that is kinda acurate

It is. Oh, it is!
I can't wait for the "Jacob's a pedo" jokes to start. actually, I think they'll be re-writing some stuff. I think Meyers is now a producer on BD 1 and 2. that fact alone portends something along the lines of a massive revision.

for now, I'm just glad this movie's making a whole lotta dough. it's high time a fangirl saga made just as much money as that stupid Transformers crap! go Girl Power!


The newest numbers have Eclipse putting up a $68.5 million total on its first day, breaking the Wednesday opening record of $62 million set by Transformers 2.

The film also had the biggest summer period opening ever, beating Dark Knight ($67.2mil). It fell just short of the opening record set by its predecessor (New Moon) -- $72million. But that was a Friday opening.

Eclipse opened to 33.8 million for midnight shows across the country (Tuesday).

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