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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

"Caretaker" was brilliant, I found myself watching it again on several occasions when I was bored. It has everything a pilot episode should have, a plot that sets up the original premise, good introduction of characters, action, conflict...All done very well. I particularly liked the scene when we set our eyes on Voyager for the first time and you here a leitmotif of the opening theme in the background.

I mostly agree with assesments of other episodes so far, there is just one remark I'd like to make about "Phage". IMHO, after watching almost the entire series (I've just completed "Lineage"), in retrospect Janeway's decision to let the Vidiians go and the speech in which she explains it prevents her from taking the path "Equinox" took to get home. She stayed true to Starfleet ideals even when it was not beneficial for the ship and one of her crew.
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