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Re: The Last Airbender - Grading & Discussion

Spoilers below.

It was a horrible film. Completely trash. The only good part of the film was Zuko's scenes. He was the only character that felt like the show and his parts were good. Everything else on the other hand...... I mean the film jumped around so much it felt like a YouTube mashup.
Jumps from the iceberg to Haru's village and the prison which was by the way, in a canyon instead of on a rig. Jumps to another village they 'free'. Jumps to 'Fire Nation Colony 15' with Iroh telling Zuko to relax and go get laid. Then his ship explodes from a fucking gas leak. No pirates, no powder kegs, a fucking gas leak.
Ozai was not intimidating at all, neither was Zhao. No agni kai between Zuko and Zhao, no Ocean Spirit Godzilla, no Fire Nation ships were destroyed at all. Aang just scared them off with a wave.
The Spirit World was also weird. Aang was talking to Roku's dragon, not Roku himself. No Hei Bai, no Koh the Face Stealer, no cranky monkey.

I could barely sit through it. I wanted to get up and leave, but I had to finish it.
Hopefully when/if a second film is made, Bumi, Toph, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee will be like their show counterparts like Zuko is. Hopefully the more Zuko centric second book will make the film better than the first.
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