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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

Have you ever met a vampire that had fangs?

I saw it. It's really good. I'm happy that after the farce that was New Moon, Slade replaced Chris Weitz and made this. I loved Rob Pattinson's acting in it and I feel vindicated because I said here before that I felt that he can actually act. He brought the book Edward to life. I actually liked the first movie. It had something in it that was sort of magical and whimsical. I like the indie feel it had. This was more of a true blockbuster in the way New Moon (or Bad Moon as some of us like to call it lol!) aspired toward.

I heard it made 33 million just last night. I'll be watching to see if it has better legs than New Moon (which was pretty much front loaded). I think Twilight even had better legs than New Moon. I know I've watched it a number of times on dvd and cable.
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