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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Gibraltar -- You're right, everything that's happened in the past few days has definitely started to take its toll on Adele. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much choice but to rely on Icheb and Maren, with so much of the other senior staff off the ship right now. We'll see how they handle it. Thanks so much for the comments and kind compliments!

tau136 -- Thanks for taking the time to rewrite all that! What a thorough review. I appreciate it. Yeah, this first chapter was a bit of a recap, but I didn't want to resort to the "Last time on Star Trek ...." So hopefully we're all reminded now of where we were in the story and things will be moving along. As for your other comments -- well, you could call Maren noble ... or incredibly naive. I guess it all depends on how things turn out. As for Adele, she is in one fine mess. Her empathic issues, the advisory board, the Borg, her crew ... nothing has really been going as planned, has it? And then there's Icheb. The questions you raise are good ones. We'll see how it plays out. Thanks again for reading and commenting.
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