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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

Above average.

I liked the movie. It was much better than Twilight and New Moon. Eclipse was the best book in the series, so its not surprising that it made the best movie. The main reason was that we learn the most about the vampries in this. David Slade, the new director, did well. All the fights at were cool.

The first movie was dragged down by Bella finding out about the existence of Vampires, while the second movie was dragged down by Bella learning about werewolves. But in Eclipse, big things actually happen. Bella graduates from high school, thinks about how to spend the rest of her live, and there is the main plot with the newborn Vampires.

I was only disappointed with the three flashbacks. In the book, an entire chaper is dedicated to each one and much more background is given. We only get a few short scenes in the movie. I wish we could get movies about them since they were so interesting.

The next book is terrible. I kinda of wish Summit wasn't making it.
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