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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

There is an idea that I have been toying with for a while. Digital picture frames have the ability to run a slideshow and video. I have one and I played around with loading jpegs of a crude TOSera blinky display. The blinkys changed position and color from image to image. When you run then in a slideshow they appear to be a live display. You could also record a running image like the round red alert logo from the TOSmovies to an avi file and run it on the device. These things are cheap, at about 100 bucks, they don't require an extensive computer system to run. They come in several sizes. You can control them with SD cards. They are easy to remove from their little frames. You could position a few in key places and change them as needed. Something to think about...

These are like the one I own. Any brand should work.
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