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Re: Back to the Future 25th Anv. Trilogy on Blu-ray Oct 2010

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This caught my eye:

In the Beginning . . .: Delve into the genesis of the project, casting, re-casting, the DeLorean, sets and overall pre-production.
I'd love to see some of the footage with Eric Stolz as Marty. Does anyone know if the footage still exists?
I've often wondered the same thing. I know they shot quite a few scenes before the recast, and I think it would be fascinating to see what Stolz did with the character we all came to know and love.
Safely tucked away somewhere I'm sure... but the reason behind not releasing it is likely in the fine print of someone's contract... not to mention Stolz was fired and likely not very happy about it at the time.

They had completed entire scenes with Stolz as Marty... the Twin Pines Mall time machine test for sure (as those photos are available).
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