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Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

End of the 24th Century and Beyond 2.0 – Part 1


1 February
At Deep Space Nine, a ship returning from a long voyage in the Gamma Quadrant brings news of Ascendant activity.

August 2380

The Titan explores the far outer reaches of the Gum Nebula.

Q appears at a remote Federation outpost and gives a prophesy of the events of the next year...

A Federation survey ship survey’s the planet that will later be known as New Victoria.

Section 31 stops an attempt by the Orion Syndicate to take over the government of a Federation colony.

The Da Vinci comes to the rescue of a Federation ship from a parallel universe...

The Hood rescues a Federation cargo ship near the Tzenkethi border.

In the Gamma Quadrant, a Federation colony is established.

The IKS Gorkon explores a region close to Klorgat IV (The new Reman planet).

Borg ruins are located near Omicron Theta...

The Titan is attacked by a group of rogue Fethrerit.

At Deep Space Nine, Ro Laren investigates some weird activity...

Q appears at a Federation outpost in the Gamma Quadrant.

October 2380

November 2380

Q is seen on Deneva taking in the sites…

Section 31 rescue a Starfleet Intelligence officer from a Tholian facility.

By this time all of the Vesta class vessels had been commissioned.

December 2380
The Enterprise explores on its way back to the Federation.

January 2381

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