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Re: Star Trek Revenge: Back in the Black Room

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A ship with the name "Revenge" very unlike the normal Starfleet. And for them to be considered "ghosts"--I wonder now if this is Starfleet, or if Section 31 has taken to what the Obsidian Order did, and operating its own fleet? (Of course, this could also be a black op through official Starfleet Intelligence channels.)
Nothing quite so insidious, although Starfleet Intelligence will play a huge role in the plot, through its operative.

I LOVE that your Voice says, "We are always at war." NICE 1984 reference there!!!

And like Gibraltar, I agree there may be a Manchurian Candidate thing going on with Sylok here--it'll be interesting to see where that goes.
We'll see.

As for Yan Yaokan--I fell in love with his style right away! I wonder, much mistrust is there still for Cardassians in the fleet?
Some--really depends on the person. As one might expect, there tends to be more from Dominion War veterans than the generation who came to adulthood afterward.

Also--in your continuity, can the Betazoid read Cardassian emotions, or no?
Not well at all, nope. Brought up in a major way in the chapter after next.

[quote]Your idea of what happened in the Third World War is clearly very different than my own, as is the way that it shapes the respective Federations that emerged, although I see a few similar themes. I'm enjoying learning about that history as well.

EDIT: I can't get the larger version of your graphic to show goes to an ad.
Yeah, when I just hit the link, it does that to me too. Copy and pasting worked, however, so it might (should?) work for others. If possible (there's an editing time limit here) I'm gonna remove the hyperlink itself so any future visitors don't see that.

Edit: not possible. Lame, right? Lemme know if ctrl+v works:

This may also work:

If neither works, I'll consider some other options for hosting. Regular image hosts are problematic because of the size, but there's probably more fish in the sea.

Overall, excellent, detailed, and engaging narrative.
Thank you.

Gribraltar wrote:
This was an intense conversation between who I presume is Colonel Sean Jeffrey Christopher and Shah, covering topics from their Augmentation status to global politics to Earth's nascent manned interstellar colonization program.
Correct! That's the guy. Indeed, at this point I think about the only way Captain Christopher is ever gonna have a son that manages to get to Saturn is through some pretty serious reproductive technology.

Your dialogue really shines here, as passionate characters defend their particular viewpoints and socio-cultural heritage on the cusp of departing the planet for the Final Frontier.
Thanks! I hope it's a little sad--I mean, when I thought about wherever virgin planet, say, Khan was going in his little Botany Bay, I realize that by the time he got there it was going to have been exploited by a faster-than-light society for decades if not centuries. That was never really explored in "Space Seed," so the lost horizon is one of the themes I wanted to develop.

Mistral wrote:
That was a very intense piece aboard the Revenge. The other part was one of the finest things I've read about the Eugenics Wars. You grew a whole society in front of my eyes, never leaving out the little details that made it come to life. Star Trek or not-I want to learn more about your 21st century.
An interesting thing about it is that the Eugenics Wars bits could be reworked into an original fiction at my leisure, even up to the transparent aluminium supertalls (although I might have to call them alumnium oxynitride instead ).

And Shah, and the fate of the Augments. Working Christopher into it was sheer brilliance.
I actually sort of debated over whether that would be too much continuity porn, but in this case it seemed to make sense--it's not like (even in the 2050s) the population who into space for a living is going to a large number, thus I thought it wouldn't come off as a ridiculous coincidence.

The scope of what you created took my breath away. So much, as Gibraltar said, you went to so many places in a relatively short time. Amazing. I look forward to the next installment!
I'm a little overcome. Thanks everybody!

Anyway, the rest should come soon--would've been sooner, but 1)there was an airport thing yesterday and 2)I uncovered a biggish plot hole that I have to fill, along with some nitpicking that needs to be done.

After that's done, all of Underside of the Sky (Part 1) can go up, and Part 2 (Meditating Murderers) in the same general timeframe. Part 3 (What the Skin is For) still needs a lot of work to get done, but the ending is in place, so it's more craft than design.

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