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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

That quietness is VERY much Glinn Daro, and I'm so glad to know that the way you're seeing him and the way you saw the character onscreen seem to mesh. know the funny thing about his interaction with O'Brien in the turbolift? It sounded really stilted on the show, but there's a reason for that in the Sigils universe--despite the technical nature of his question, he is NOT the engineer (Telle was, and you could see Telle rolling his eyes at Daro, if you look carefully). He just researched that to try and find some way of interacting with O'Brien. That's actually his nickname on the Trager--"Inquisitor Daro," which in our terms would be like "Professor Daro."

And yes...there is definitely more structure than a bunch of privateers.

(I'll leave the inside joke for a little bit longer to see if anyone spots it.)
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