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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Thanks, Lennier! While we didn't use your exact color scheme on the center seat, we certainly made it far more artistic than I had originally intended.

We've got someone willing to do the running lights for a price. Not sure if I have the technical skill to do it, and we've been looking for Christmas lights to accomplish that effect. If anyone has a link to a website that sells them, please let me know. We've been scouring the Internet for a source...

Our set graphics/decorator is supposed to come up with those "doo-dads" to put everywhere. If he doesn't, I've actually been saving some odd cuts of plywood for their construction.

We're going to have our local engraving shop prepare our ship's plaque (seen in the bottom right of the Excelsior's screen). We're torn on where to hang it: at the turbolift (port or starboard?) or over the center of the mainviewer?

I hope to use the cable pulley doors, but space is at such a premium, I'm still worried the doors won't open more than 36". Last night, we installed the door partitions. Tonight I'm going to hang the overhead track for the doors to hang on, and hopefully the doors themselves. We used 3/4" plywood on the "dummy" turbolift. They slide manually, but they're as heavy as they can be, of course. They were made of leftover plywood from the original flooring test, but they're fine for what they are.

Our final decision coming up is regarding the "backdoor" to the bridge. In STVI, there's a walkway behind the bridge. You exit through the center and turn right or left. We're thinking the same thing, but originally planned on using working doors there. But we don't want too many doors to the bridge, and the walkway was clever enough. We've got to add a step to it because of the elevation of the carport steps there, but I think it'll work.

Any suggestions?
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