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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

I'm happy you decided on a design that looks a bit more complex and gives the actors something to interact with.

Do you have any additional plans for the screen area so far?
Not sure about the situation in the US but a country-wide electronics store over here offers an electronics kit for Knight Rider style running lights (example image). If one lets two of those run towards each other, spreads the LEDs wider apart using some wires in-between and backlights some translucent paper with those lights it wouldn't be hard to create those running lights below the movie viewscreens at a cost of less than 40 bucks for the whole array.

Also don't forget that simply cutting some leftover sheets of wood into access panels with rounded edges and gluing them to a flat surface will quickly break up larger areas as well and add additional details at a relatively acceptable cost. A quick look at the stuff around the Excelsior viewscreen should explain it better:

BTW: Will your doors operate using a cable pulley like the real thing?
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