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DS9 Caption Contest #3 Heads up!

If it's Tuesday, it means it's time for a new Caption Contest!

We were a little light on captions last week, but not on the funny, nice captions everyone!

Now to our winners:

For proving that life never turns out the way you think, our winner is:

Rat Boy wrote: View Post

Sisko: "At last! I'm so looking forward to being an empty-nester."

*Kasidy runs in*

Kasidy: "I'm pregnant!"

Sisko: "Damn."

For poking fun at one of the weirdest expressions I've ever heard, our winner is:

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post

(Molly runs in)

O'Brien: Uh, Molly? I thought we said not to come i--

Molly: already know who Mommy's daddy is!

O'Brien: Uh...yes?

Molly: So why ask her, silly?

Keiko: You know...she's gotta point.

O'Brien: Oh, knock it off....
And for Showing us that Klingons have a special ritual and name for everything, our winner is:

The Laughing Vulcan wrote: View Post

Alexander: "Ah, the ritual dagger of K'Lak'breth"
Worf: "No, it's..."
Alexander: "The honourable stilletto of M'kRagh?"
Worf: "Actually..."
Alexander: "Oh... it must be the tempered blade of Gal'kal'brak'thath. The fourth moon of Karthag is rising and it's almost time for the tribble bloodletting ritual..."
Worf: "If you'd..."
Alexander: "I give up, I'm all out of rituals and honourables..."
Worf: "It's a can opener you nitwit. I heard you were going camping..."
Since we didn't have any PhotoShops this time around, I decided we should have a Special Winner for reminding us That Jake Sisko was still on DS9 all seven Seasons award:

AdmiralGarak wrote: View Post

Sisko: "Okay, I've packed all of your Season 7 scripts into that suitcase, Jake-o. Whatever you do, don't leave it at grandpa's house. I wouldn't want you standing around uselessly with no episodes of your own for an entire season."
Congratulations to our winners!

And now, onto our new Contest!

Check out the Caption contests in the TOS, TNG and Movies I-X forums!
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