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Hulu Plus [paid subscription] starting this Summer

This post pertains to USA only:

With Hulu Plus [paid subscription service] starting this Summer
Hulu would charge slightly less than $10 a month to watch TV shows and movies with fewer ads than currently available on the free service and on television, according to one person familiar with the matter.
The service would also be introduced on new devices, including Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 game consoles.
FYI the XBox 360 will require a Xbox Live Gold subscription which is $49.99/1 year (less than $5.00/month)
"The free, ad-supported business model is great, but there are many other content owners who have chosen and are successful with other models, subscription or otherwise."-Hulu official on the company's blog in May.

Hulu pay version launch imminent

preview now via email invite:
Library contents includes
The X-Files All 9 Seasons 201 Episodes
Buffy the Vampire Slayer All 7 Seasons 144 Episodes
CBS hasn't agreed to their programming on Hulu but that may change by the time a Trek series 6 is in pre-production.

What business model would you rather have to see the next Trek series?
free over-the-air TV with 18 minutes per hour advertisements, cable television with 18 minutes per hour advertisements, premium cable channel with no advertisements, or a subscription to the show via one of the above in the Poll?

Satellite & Cable companies charge $12-20./month for Showtime [owned media giant CBS Corporation] which may include Showtime-on-demand as well. If you use a DVR you can re-watch Trek episodes for months...

Would you rather pay for a $10./month Hulu Plus streaming subscription [with some advertisements] that includes a new Star Trek TV series or would you rather pay $14.00/month for Showtime if the next Star Trek series were on Showtime?

Or what about if Hulu or Netflix Instant offered the next Trek series as a subscription only without advertisements just for streaming that series for the season?
Not like their regular monthly subscription but a special separate subscription like a season pass just for Star Trek? [just like Sports packages are a subscription on satellite & cable TV services] As if Star Trek were it's own premium channel?
CBS would make money on every person that signs up.
How much would it cost figuring they would charge $80./season on DVD? $30.?
Essentially this would be very similar to a fanbase paying for production directly to CBS.

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