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Re: Was Ezri Dax too flat chested?

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I know that, I remember when EE first showed up and I used to argue with him over in VOY. But I don't care who the OP was. I'm not responding to the OP at all, but to the mostly interesting discussion several pages in. The OP is irrelevant.
But the problem is that this thread was bumped for no reason by someone whose only post on the site was the bump this thread, there was some activity for a few days and then it died down. A few days later people bumped it again to reply to the OP. An actual discussion isn't so bad, I even joined in myself when I criticised Voyager not putting Seven in a standard uniform, but people shouldn't bump this thread to respond to the OP because they're only responding to a troll.

Well I had to stop reading the Bab 5 thread because of spoilers despite the spoiler warnings. I just finished season 4 and when I finish the whole thing I will check out the cocksucker opinion.
Actually, the cocksucker comment was after the very first episode. Back before I came to like the show and somewhat admire JMS.
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