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Re: Was Ezri Dax too flat chested?

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Just because it starts out a troll thread doesn't mean it should be closed if a good discussion ensues.

And I like defending Ezri's honour. In order to do that she first needs to be attacked. So, this thread is very useful and deserves to be bumped once every few months.
But she's not being attacked, the OP's intent wasn't to insult Ezri but to rile up Ezri fans, and by taking the thread seriously you are falling into the trap that the OP set. And the worst part is that Evil Ezri wasn't even a good troll, he was one of the most obvious trolls I've ever seen, so there's no reason why anybody should have fallen for that act in the first place. Sadly, months later, some one-post-wonder cadet took it seriously, bumped the thread and since then a number of other people that didn't know that Evil Ezri was a troll have also taken it seriously.
I know that, I remember when EE first showed up and I used to argue with him over in VOY. But I don't care who the OP was. I'm not responding to the OP at all, but to the mostly interesting discussion several pages in. The OP is irrelevant.

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I suppose I can be a bit edgy sometimes, and I do feel bad about calling J Michael Straczynski a cocksucker
Well I had to stop reading the Bab 5 thread because of spoilers despite the spoiler warnings. I just finished season 4 and when I finish the whole thing I will check out the cocksucker opinion.

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