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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Ok, big update today. I've been quiet for the last several days; but, that isn't to say idle.. lol

So we'll start with a pretty shot

And the more technical..

I wasn't entirely happy with the reworked floors for the decks; so, I redid what was there. The forward sections of the split decks are finished; but, the shuttlebay aft sections still need split down. What you see is that the floors are now seperated into floor and ceiling sections so that I can more easily deal with the individual levels. And with the extra polys it still represents a 30-40 percent reduction in poly count for the decks completed. I'm now happy.

You can see here that the decks no longer protrude through the outer hull at the floor level. I used slice plane to cut the shapes of the decks from the hull skins. The floors as a result have quite a snug fit now.

You could see the ribbing in the first two shots above; but, here you can see sortof an anatomy shot of how they were made. Not complete as yet; but, progress

And back to the shuttlebay . I've kept multiple sections going to break the tedium. some of
this work is just flat repetitious boring hell; but, each has it's problems to solve; so, when I get burnt on one section, I
move to another and keep going. That and I do a lot of render passes to keep me happy.

and the wireframe..

Here we have yet another problem pretty well solved IMHO.

The passageway has widened a tad bit. I dropped the door access and went for a crawlway access to the section.
I also took a section of the nacelle pylon outer skin and did some boolean work to get an idea of how much overhead space could be gained by pushing a recess up into that area. it doesn't lend a lot of space, but the venture only cost a little time and gave me some new options that I may employ later. We'll see.

Finally, a semi-transparent view of the same section. I still have some tweaking to do and decisions to make about the walls; but, nothing major. From here, I think this deck can be wound up with some detailing later. The next step is to finish splitting the floors down, then finish putting in the supports for the upper wall area. I'll be cutting down other decks as well to keep a rotation going.

It's been a restful but productive vacation. Almost over, sadly. Oh well. Back to work.
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