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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well, I just checked... I can't edit the inline images on any of my early posts. So unless I'm hosting them, they will disappear from those posts.

Keep in mind, I was willing to put this off for a couple months... in which time I hope to have gotten paid for a book I'm working on, so this wouldn't have been an issue. I was avoiding looking at this stuff right now because (frankly) I didn't want to know right now.

But, as I said, Gagarin made me take a closer look (with my wife looking over my shoulder).

The images have always been free to everyone... they are under a share-and-share-alike license... so anyone is free to host them else where. But I've gotta make rent, pay bills... and every so often eat.

I'm just amazed that even if I ignore this thread for months at a time, people keep viewing it. That has never happened in any other thread I've posted in before (or since).
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