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Re: DS9: Your Favorite EPISODE Of The Series.

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Interesting how hardly any of the 1st 2 season stories have been chosen
Since "Duet" got 3 mentions (plus it's on TrekGirl's long list, which also includes "The Wire"), "Necessary Evil" got 2 and the Circle trilogy was also mentioned, it would make more sense for you to say "it's interesting how hardly any season 7 stories were chosen" - there's just one mention of "Chimera", one of "Take me Out to the Holosuite" and one of the Final Chapter as a whole. Most picks, apart from ITPM, come from season 5 and season 4.
I mentioned it because a lot of people said they skip season1 and 2 when re watching the series.

Its a weird scenario with the 1st 2 seasons as there was any evidence of a large story arc. The circle 3 parter was really well done. Its almost like a different show when season 3 starts. Its seems smarter, visually better with more good CGI. The new villains are fantastic. The stories have more umph and characters are written really well and the actors get to grips. The show seems to have a direction to follow. Seasons 1 and 2 are just about a station supposedly at a new trade route but never seems that busy or important.

So thats why I asked. I wasn't surprised that many season 7 weren't picked.
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