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Gamestop is offering a trade-in special to upgrade to the Xbox slim. A great deal if you have the original consoles (especially the ones without HDMI), not so much if you have one of the newer elite models. You can see the website for details.
I have a 20g HDMI one; Worth it?
Well put it this way, I took my first 360 in and for it a 20gig, 3 controllers and a Wi-fi adapter that I'd forgotten I had because I never used it, I netted $234.16

The Gamestop's around here have tons on back order because soooo many people are jumping on this deal.
I probably won't get one until mid July, which is cool because my Elite is still chugging along nicely.

Strangely the only thing they didn't take in trade was an HDMI adapter that had their name stamped on it.

So $234.16 toward $299.00, yeah worth it.
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