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From TSFS novelization...

I have taken the TSFS movie script, and then added dialogue lines and a little bit of other explaination from the novelization. The movie dialogue is in bold, while the novelization dialogue is not. Italics mean I have paraphrased, summerized or described the book's descriptive text.

KIRK: ...Come. ...Sarek! Ambassador, I had no idea you were here. I believe you know my crew.
SAREK: I will speak with you alone, Kirk.
KIRK: Please excuse us. ...Ambassador, I would have come to Vulcan to express my deepest sympathy.
SAREK: Spare me your human platitudes, Kirk. I have been to your Government. I have seen the Genesis information, and your own report.
KIRK: Then you know how bravely your son met his death.
SAREK: Met his death? How could you, who claim to be his friend, assume that? Why did you not bring him back to Vulcan?
KIRK: He asked me not to.
SAREK: I find that unlikely in the extreme.
KIRK: His will states quite clearly that he did not wish to be returned to Vulcan, should he die in service of Starfleet.
SAREK: I am also aware that Starfleet regulations specifically require that any Vulcan’s body to be returned to the home world. Surely this would override the dictates of the will…
KIRK: …I’ll tell you why I followed Spock’s request rather than the rules of Starfleet! It’s because in all the years I knew Spock, never once did you or any Vulcan treat him with the respect and regard that he deserves… He spent his own life living up to Vulcan ideals - and he came a hell of a lot closer to succeeding than a lot of Vulcans I’ve met. But he made one choice of his own - Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Academy - and you cut him off! …For nearly 20 years I watched him observe the slights and subtle bigotry of the Vulcans! When he died, I was damned if I would take him back to Vulcan and give him over to you so you could put him in the ground and wash your hands of him! He deserved a hero’s burial and that’s what I gave him - the fires of space!
SAREK: Why did you leave him behind on Genesis?! Spock trusted you. You denied him his future!
KIRK: I saw no future.
SAREK: You missed the point, then and now. Only his body was in death, Kirk. And you were the last one to be with him.
KIRK: Yes, I was.
SAREK: Then you must know that you should have come with him to Vulcan.
KIRK: But ...why?
SAREK: Because he asked you to! He entrusted you with his very essence, with everything that was not of the body. He asked you to bring him to us ...and bring that which he gave you, his katra, his living spirit.
KIRK: Sir, ...your son meant more to me than you can know. I'd have given my life if it would have saved his. Believe me when I tell you ...he made no request of me!
SAREK: He would not have spoken of it openly.
KIRK: Then, how was...
SAREK: Kirk, I must have your thoughts. May I join your mind?
KIRK: Of course.

At the beginning of the mind-meld, Kirk feels that the recent message from Grissom that Spock’s deceased body may still exist gives Sarek a strong resonance of hope that there is still time to recover the body and thus save Spock’s katra for the Hall of Ancient Thought on Mt. Seleya. To continue, here is a direct quote from the book:

“And James Kirk understood that even if Sarek found what he sought, Spock was lost to the world he lived in. Only a few individuals trained for years in Vulcan philosophic discipline, could communicate with the presences that existed within the Hall of Ancient Thought. If Sarek found what he was looking for, he would give Spock a chance at immortality… but not another chance at life.”

The mind-meld sequence then plays out as it did in the movie, reprising the death scene dialogue from TWOK…

SAREK: Forgive me. It is not here. I had assumed he mind-melded with you. It is the Vulcan way ...when the body's end is near.
KIRK: We were separated! He couldn't touch me.
SAREK: I see. ...Then everything that he was. ...Everything that he knew lost.
KIRK: Please wait! ...He would have found a way! If there was that much at stake, ...Spock would have found a way!
SAREK: Yes. ...But how?
KIRK: What if he joined with someone else?

The engine room flight recorder sequence plays out as it does in the movie…

KIRK: McCoy!
SAREK: One alive, one not. Yet both in pain.
KIRK: One going mad from the pain! Why did Spock leave the wrong instructions?
SAREK: Do you recall the precise words, Kirk?

Sarek then “repeated a phrase from Spock’s will as he had plucked it from Kirk’s mind”…

SAREK: “Failing a subsequent revision of this document, my remains are not to be returned to Vulcan.” Spock did not believe that his human heritage would permit the transfer of his katra. He did leave the possibility open.
KIRK: But he never made a revision. He only left-
SAREK: -The good Dr. McCoy, who if the process had worked properly, would have known what to do… He is undergoing an allergic reaction.
KIRK: What?
SAREK: It is unusual, but not unprecedented. McCoy’s mind is rejecting what Spock gave to him. …the result is McCoy was unable to assimilate the information even so far as to rescind the provision of Spock’s will that may not destroy them both. It would have been better if Spock had been near another Vulcan when he died. He did not prepare well, Kirk. He left too many factors open to chance-
KIRK: This is hardly the time to criticize Spock! …What do we do to make things right.
SAREK: It may already be too late.
KIRK: Sarek-!
SAREK: The fact that McCoy even retains even a semblance of sanity gives me some cause for hope. You are fortunate that you failed in your plan to burn my son like a barbarian chieftain. Had it succeeded, McCoy would surely be lost to us now. The mind and the body are a duality, they are parts of a whole. If one is destroyed, the other must disintegrate. If they are separated… the greater the difference, the greater the strain, until it become intolerable.
KIRK: The strain on McCoy, you mean.
SAREK: Precisely.
KIRK: What must I do?
SAREK: You must recover Spock’s body from Genesis. You must bring it, and Dr. McCoy to Mount Seleya, on Vulcan. Only there the passage is possible. Only there can both find peace.
KIRK: What you ask difficult.
SAREK: You will find a way, Kirk. ...If you honor them both, you must.
KIRK: I will. I swear it.

And the book shows a final discussion in which Kirk attempts to gain an understanding from Sarek about what exactly will Spock’s immortal existence will be like if his deceased body is successfully recovered from Genesis allowing his katra is successfully transferred from McCoy to the Hall of Ancient Thought (the Vulcan afterlife). Sarek tells Kirk that he would have to learn the Vulcan language and take ten years of his life to study Vulcan mysticism to even begin to understand. Kirk gets angry again and explains that he needs more details to tell Admiral Morrow when he asks for permission to return to Genesis, but Sarek refuses to elucidate.

And I’ll also add that although it as not revealed by the film, the novelizations states that Saavik is only half-Vulcan (and half-Romulan). She was 10-year-old orphan when she was rescued from an abandoned Romulan colony by Spock sometime in the years after the five-year mission of TOS. Spock made sure she was taken care of and sponsored her enrollment in Starfleet Academy. Despite the fact that she was trained in the Vulcan language and general (logical) way of life, she had never actually been to Vulcan before the end of TSFS and had not learned about Vulcan mysticism regarding death and afterlife...
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