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Re: A description is up for one of the new Starfleet Academy books

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S&S has the description up for the second and only the second new YA Starfleet Academy book.
A new Starfleet Academy series for teens--filled with romance and adventure! In The Competitive Edge, Kirk finds out how much of a toll the intense training classes and grueling schedule of academy life is taking on all the cadets, including himself. But some recruits seem better equipped to handle the challenges. Is there something that is giving them an edge? Kirk is determined to find out, especially since one of the cadets with a little something extra is his new girlfriend.

Seriously, this sounds like a bad after school special. Romance & adventure? Is there something giving them an edge?

I half expect the last page to have a PSA "Starfleet Cadets don't do drugs!"

Hopefully it'll be handled with more subtlety that this blurb.
Jim turned to his Girlfriend, "is that a phaser in your pocket?"

She looked across at him, "no".
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