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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Finally started working on Fallout 3 on PC. Pretty buggy though... after messing with the .ini files and tweaking various thread counts I got it to where it doesn't freeze randomly. Of course, it now freezes when I try to exit the game, but I guess that's not a huge deal.

The scripting was really broken in early stages too... the Tunnel Rats harassing Amata just broke and stopped in the middle, Nova in Megaton would just kind of teleport, stuff with Mr Burke was seriously screwed up too, but it seems to have settled down. It's been bad enough to the point where I'm now checking a Fallout 3 wiki randomly on quests to make sure that I didn't get owned by some sort of bug...

I managed to find an important main storyline location out of sequence and only by sheer luck did I save right before doing it... I don't think that breaks the game, but I want to do the full main story.

It's an ok game, but bad shooter gameplay and half-assed VATS is definitely a step down from the original games. It's been getting better though.

Of course, while slowly plodding my way through this game I've picked up like 6 games from Steam's Summer sale so far... the backlog will never end.
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