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Re: Isn't the theme music fantastic?

David cgc wrote: View Post
Honestly, I was looking for any old music or themes coming back. I was thrilled when "The Greatest Story Never Told" was used for the recaps to the two-parters, and when "The Runaway Bride" played while the Doctor was fishing shrapnel out of the crack.
I liked the use of the Cyberman theme in "The Pandorica Opens." I was always fond of that one.
OmahaStar wrote: View Post
What I find interesting is how this series five theme is a combination of the existing Doctor Who theme, with the opening theme from The Mummy: The Animated Series. But, since I'm probably the only one here who has even heard of the cartoon series, I'm sure nobody else is familiar with that theme.
I remember the show in the abstract, but I'm afraid I've blanked any specifics from my memory.
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