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Re: Star Trek Revenge: Back in the Black Room

A ship with the name "Revenge" very unlike the normal Starfleet. And for them to be considered "ghosts"--I wonder now if this is Starfleet, or if Section 31 has taken to what the Obsidian Order did, and operating its own fleet? (Of course, this could also be a black op through official Starfleet Intelligence channels.)

I LOVE that your Voice says, "We are always at war." NICE 1984 reference there!!!

And like Gibraltar, I agree there may be a Manchurian Candidate thing going on with Sylok here--it'll be interesting to see where that goes.

As for Yan Yaokan--I fell in love with his style right away! I wonder, much mistrust is there still for Cardassians in the fleet? Also--in your continuity, can the Betazoid read Cardassian emotions, or no?

Your idea of what happened in the Third World War is clearly very different than my own, as is the way that it shapes the respective Federations that emerged, although I see a few similar themes. I'm enjoying learning about that history as well.

Overall, excellent, detailed, and engaging narrative.

EDIT: I can't get the larger version of your graphic to show goes to an ad.
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