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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

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Even if humans hadn't had access to industrial facilities...I still suspect rebellion would have eventually come, just as it did for the Cardassians in the prime universe--and that arrogance would eventually end up being the Dominion's downfall.
Oh, that reminds me, that was a minor issue with the story--Cardassians still given a place in the Dominion hierarchy. It always seemed to me that the CU was permitted to maintain its own ships and government and such only as transition, and only so long as it was useful to the Dominion. It was necessary once contact with the greater Dominion in the GQ was cut off, but a Cardassian military and subsidiary leadership role always appeared to be a stop-gap, until such time as the war was over and contact restored.

Maybe with victory and such their estimation of the worth of Cardassians went up. I mean, they did promise the CU the Alpha Quadrant, I just always sort of assumed they were lying.
In my story, the Dominion mistakenly thought that by patting the Cardassians on the head and saying "good dog," they'd keep them happy and willing to serve the Dominion forever--give them an illusion of SOMETHING that belongs to them, and they'll be loyal pets forever. Letting the Cardassians think they were above humanity on the hierarchy preserved that illusion while keeping them still in a subordinate position. The Cardassians didn't get the Alpha Quadrant so much as they got humanity to look after (under close Dominion supervision, of course).

The Dominion just didn't count on what it would mean to make the two races so similar in manner. Remember what I said about how an unaltered human would look to one who had the Graft? That's how humanity had always looked to the Cardassians pre-war. Some of Garak's comments about the way Bashir looked at the world seemed to hint in that direction. When the two species started to deal with each other after the alteration, I think the feeling would've been a really strange one, like seeing yourself in entirely different skin. The Dominion never really thought through the potential effects of that unseen kinship.

I really am not sure about the fate of humanity (Cardassiohumanity?) after this story.
"We post-Graft types prefer 'Humanassian,' thank you very much."

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