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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

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Even if humans hadn't had access to industrial facilities...I still suspect rebellion would have eventually come, just as it did for the Cardassians in the prime universe--and that arrogance would eventually end up being the Dominion's downfall.
Oh, that reminds me, that was a minor issue with the story--Cardassians still given a place in the Dominion hierarchy. It always seemed to me that the CU was permitted to maintain its own ships and government and such only as transition, and only so long as it was useful to the Dominion. It was necessary once contact with the greater Dominion in the GQ was cut off, but a Cardassian military and subsidiary leadership role always appeared to be a stop-gap, until such time as the war was over and contact restored.

Maybe with victory and such their estimation of the worth of Cardassians went up. I mean, they did promise the CU the Alpha Quadrant, I just always sort of assumed they were lying.

About the industrial complexes...the Maricopa Research Center--and many other places like it throughout the Dominion's human-colonized holdings--was a place I see as very much like the place where the Manhattan Project was. I had actually debated using White Sands, too, or maybe even Trinity, but it seemed like that would yank people right out of the story.
I dunno, I think it could've worked.

I really am not sure about the fate of humanity (Cardassiohumanity?) after this story.
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