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Re: Star Trek Revenge: Back in the Black Room

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From what I’ve been able to gather from your first two posts, what we have here is a 25th century version of the cat-and-mouse game practiced by 20th century American and Soviet ballistic missile and attack submarines.
Indeed. The most recent HMS Revenge was itself a Vanguard SSBN (although now decommissioned, I believe). I guess this is a role-reversal.

You’ve captured the crushing tedium of Revenge’s mission, typified by hours upon hours of sitting, watching, and waiting in and endless repetition of identical duty cycles… the ultimate ‘Ground Hog’s Day’ of starship duty.
If only I could've worked in "I've Got You Babe"... they're supposed to be bored, I just hope they weren't boring. : /

Your level of description is detailed without being overly wordy, and your dialogue flows especially well.
I'm glad! I worry sometimes that my academic work makes my fiction writing worse. Things often valued in fiction but usually not in academic or professional work--like ambiguity, unreliability, and (more regrettably) humor and brevity--makes we suspect that I err on the side of concreteness, omniscience, solemnity, and long tracts of scenery porn and overanalysis.

I’m loving the character interplay, especially the verbal jousting between Coral and Youkan.
I like to think of them as in the tradition of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (with a little Guy Gardner thrown in for measure). The colors even match. But then it's pretty clear to those who know the work that I'm a huge fan of Giffen and DeMatteis' Justice League.

Your characters are well drawn, and I’m eager to continue reading this terrific tale.

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