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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

Anyone else get a Fatherland vibe?

But really, really enjoyable. The Big Idea is especially cool, and something that never occurred to me--that the Founders could, and would, use their obvious mastery of genetic engineering and biological warfare to create more pliable subject peoples.*

That said, I think I might disagree with the moral-philosophical premise--that humans aren't pack animals and easy to control with a tasty carrot and a suitably large stick. I think that history has shown that, very often, we are.

Anyway, I still liked it a lot, and the divide between young and old lends itself pretty clearly to a sequel too.

*It's especially amazing that it didn't occur to me because I did something pretty similar in something not yet posted; it's surgical instead of genetic, but the basic idea is much the same--the Dominion is a cold conqueror, but one that prefers to preserve its resources by stopping short of nonlethal force when it can. (Indeed, I think this is why the genocidal tantrum of WYLB works so well--it's a little surprising and out of character for the Dominion.)

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