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Re: Space Western & Star Trek

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DS9 seemed to be channelling a lot of Western archetypes in the beginning. The station is the wild frontier; there's a new mayor sent from the Feds, the local deputy who doesn't like the Feds, the no-nonsense local sheriff, the roguish bartender, the outlaw who formerly terrorized the town and who makes it clear to the new mayor that he's not accepted defeat yet and is going to make things difficult for him.
Nice analysis.
I have to give credit to C_Miller, who came up with the comparison in the DS9 forum, and I just thought: "Wow, this is so true!"
Kira Nerys as the former gunslinger now working on the side of the law.

Voyager was western too, moving through "Indian Territory," pioneering new routes, meeting new cultures, trading for what you need, making temporary treaties, very much cut off from "back east."

Enterprise was of course F Troop.

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It's more Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea than Wagon Train.
Perhaps the first season of Voyage, people forget that the first season of Voyage was played serious, there were some very good cold war dramas, spy episodes and straight (no monsters) adventures. So Trek as the first season Voyage is a compliment.
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