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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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(3) I do have the excellent "Voyages Of Imagination" book (thick enough to stop a photon torpedo), but would one of you esteemed gentlemen care to provide a link to something that picks up where VoI left off, for those of us who enjoy reading newer Trek fiction but would like to do so in chronological order?
Memory Beta: is your friend

(4) Back to Myriad Universes, I know sales figures aren't really a matter of public knowledge and I don't wanna open THAT particular can of worms, but overall how did the MyriadU books do in comparison to general TrekLit? David Mack managed to publish his MirrorU novella as a full-length novel; are we looking at more o' the same with some of the richness of what I've read in the Myriad Universe books?
however well they sold, it was well enough for a third to be commissioned. so, pretty well.
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