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Re: DS9: Your Favorite EPISODE Of The Series.

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Interesting how hardly any of the 1st 2 season stories have been chosen
Duet and Necessary Evil have both come up, as has opening arc of season 2. Those first two are definitely on my favorites list, and I'm a big fan of The Circle storyline, especially when considered as a five-episode arc starting with Duet (which it basically is, thematically speaking).

Season 1 is of course the weakest season, but I think season 2 compares pretty favorably to the later seasons overall and is still among my favorite seasons of DS9. What makes DS9 great (at least for me) at the end of the day is the universe and character building, which season 2 does a lot of, arguably more than any other season with the attention given to both Bajoran and Cardassian cultures, characters such as Garak (Cardassians, The Wire), Dukat (Cardassians and especially The Maquis 1 & 2, where he steals the show), Bareil and Winn (in the opening arc and The Collaborator), along with Odo's Bajoran "father" in The Alternate, not to mention that this season introduced both the Dominion and the Maquis, established the "torture O'Brien" tradition with Whispers, launched Bashir and O'Brien's friendship in Rivals and Armeggedon Game, planted the seeds for Kira and Odo's long and complex relationship, transformed Dax's character in Blood Oath, revisited the MU for the first time since TOS in Crossover (which is brilliant, however mediocre and outright bad the MU eventually became on DS9), flashed back to Terok Nor for the first time, the list goes on.

Season 1 is mostly forgettable. Season 2 has a lot of great episodes, but also lays the groundwork for most of the relationships and storylines that the show will explore for the rest of its run.

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