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Re: Emmanuelle Chriqui: Genre babe of the week #22 (June 2010)

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The Grape is wise but I can't believe that someone actually used the term "dungaree".
You sound like my Brother. Yes, I still say "dungaree." I cling to the language of my youth (I also still say "tonic" and "spucky"). But, seriously-- while I understand that terminology can change over time, what would you call that article of clothing? A "jean jacket?" That sounds stupid.
Yeah, like ObiWan said, denim works ...old timer.
The word you're looking for is "classic." Or "wise one."

ObiWanShinobi wrote: View Post
Denim jacket should suffice.
Yeah, that sounds good.

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
so, which are you referring to?
Based on those pictures, denim; but a bit of quick Googling tells me that denim, dungaree and jeans are used pretty much interchangeably. So "denim jacket," "dungaree jacket" and "jean jacket" are all technically okay. But "jean jacket" still sounds stupid to me. Or like a David Bowie song.

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Where I'm from we call the second one overalls.
According to wiki, in England the word "dungarees" refers to something like overalls.
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