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Re: Star Trek Revenge: Back in the Black Room

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This is a short opener, but an attention grabbing one. I would imagine that a Vulcan would be difficult to break, but not impossible if one had the time, the patience, and the correct forms of persuasion.

I'm sensing a Manchurian Candidate vibe going on here... and you've certainly piqued my curiousity.

Great stuff!
Thanks! It means a lot coming from you.

I hope I didn't bust expectations given that it turned out it's actually a fair bit longer than the little opening flashback. I think it looks longer than it is with the paragraph breaks between one word sentences.

Incidentally, I know this is gonna come up (if anyone bothers reading that far):

The Eugenics War timeline in Trek canon is so massively messed up that I had to figure something out that didn't involve the Mumbai scenes taking place fifteen years ago. So, I did what Spock already did in "Space Seed" and merged it with "the last of your so-called world wars." Thus it takes place in the years prior to First Contact, and is generally consistent with that.

I sort of wanted to use the "mid-1990s" of the Indian Saka calendar, but that would put it in the 2060s--not to mention be silly continuity whoring when a simple and obvious retcon would do. While I think that the late 2060s is actually a bit more reasonable a timeframe for serious Augments, that conflicts with FC, so I dropped that idea. At least we've got 49 years before transparent aluminum supertalls and a Texan vyomanaut living in India become silly ideas, and a few more after that so before the Borg never show up and the Vulcan passersby elude us.

Obviously--and this is well--my Eugenics War has nothing to do with Greg Cox's. His was a riff on James Bond, mine is more of a riff on Gattaca. (I was sorely tempted to put Geoffrey and Vincent "Eugene Morrow" Freeman on the same flight to Titan, and have him complain about the bastard who had a heart attack in the middle of a life-or-death descent to the surface--but I resisted. Now, if anyone gets the Arthur Clarke reference, they get a peanut butter cookie. Only a raw egg for the non-"Space Seed" TOS reference, however.)

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