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Re: A description is up for one of the new Starfleet Academy books

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And, despite the talk about avoiding genetic enhancements, the occasional comment about 24th century little kids taking advanced mathematics indicate that something has been done to improve the average human's intellectual capacity.
Which could just be improvements in educational techniques. The thing about present-day schools is that they're not really designed to nurture and improve the mind, they're holdovers from a time when the goal was to shape children into compliant cogs in the industrial machine, their heads filled with rote facts and their capacity for critical thinking and inquisitiveness discouraged. There have been attempts to change that, but there's still a long way to go. In a culture whose school system was really designed to work with a child's natural desire to learn rather than against it, there would be a lot of improvement in the average person's intellectual performance.
I considered improvements in our educational system, but, assuming calculus really is a requirement for all little children in the TNG era (implied in TNG's When the Bough Breaks), I think it's likely that something has been done to improve the average human's intelligence. Perhaps they've found a particularly helpful combination of vitamins/nutrients to improve cognition (something short of genetic manipulation)...
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