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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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given that the zhen is disincentivized so severely...
Thus zhens are disincentivized from ever existing, because they're so maladaptive.
How are zhens "disincentivized"? Seems to me that zhavey's love their role in society and play up their special connection with their offspring at every opportunity (Pava's mother in the Marvel comics; Shar's and Thriss's zhaveys in the DS9 Relaunch; Thia in "Paradigm"). Being a zhavey to a child seems to be an admirable career path.

"As is the zhavey, so is the child." (Paradigm).

"DS9: Unity" says that during the conception of an Andorian child, the chan adds his gametes to those of the shen, which have already been fertilized by the thaan. The zygote is then implanted into the zhen's pouch but "Avatar, Book 2" describes a zhavey as the "biologically and socially closest mother".

(Less difficult, but it's also hard to square Talas' tits with the crypto-marsupial nursing mechanism.)
Well, we don't actually know if she's a shen or a zhen. In any case, how do you explain human males with nipples, or those human males with very large breasts?
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