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Re: battles at warp speed

...And the three parts of the Prometheus then surround the Nebula (not named in dialogue, but the CGI model bore the pennant lettering Bonchune) and fire at her from multiple directions, including angles that differ markedly from their flightpath.

TNG carefully avoided showing any sort of phaser activity at warp, although it's not clear if this was by design or by chance. Not even dialogue or background noises really suggest the use of phasers at warp in TNG.

However, if TNG era ships weren't capable of firing phasers at warp, it's a bit odd that they would be able to bother the Borg Cube enough to challenge her to a fight at Wolf 359 (as opposed to the Borg simply warping directly to Earth). Phasers at least did something against Cubes, whereas photon torpedoes in "Q Who?" were shown to be almost completely impotent...

Timo Saloniemi
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