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Re: A description is up for one of the new Starfleet Academy books

I think some folks would be surprised if they took a stroll through the "young readers" section of any decent bookstore, if only to see the incredible variety of books which are available, the themes they cover, and how they go about covering them. You want your eyes opened? Check out that area of the store. It was most definitely a learning experience for me when I started researching writing for kids a few years ago. My preconcieved notions about what constituted "a kid's book" -- some of which had been formed by some lackluster attempts at stuff like Star Wars and...yes...even some of the Star Trek books aimed at such audiences -- were stomped, but good. There's a lot of stuff out there being written the teen demographic that is most definitely not "stupid," and neither does it treat its readers that way.

Writing for teens as opposed to adults -- when done properly -- has little to do with writing "down" to them as much as it does just writing characters with whom the readers can (in theory) better identify, and driving plots from the point of views of such characters. Teens will identify with characters closer to their own age, who are facing the same sorts of challenges and issues they deal with every day (or whatever comparable issues and challenges might be faced by a teen character living hundreds of years in the future, etc.). Stories about those type of people tend to resonate with teens better than...for example...Admiral Kirk facing a midlife crisis, or having to deal with retirement by heading off to a faraway paradise planet with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.

As for this particular book? All we have to go on is the cover blurb, which likely wasn't even written by the author, so I'd rather wait to see what the actual book is like before getting too worried about this newest attempt to appeal to "young Trekkies." As a dad looking with an evil agenda of hooking his kids on Trek, I'm obviously pulling for this effort to succeed, because it just gives me one more weapon

Anyway, just my $.02, adjusted for inflation.

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