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Re: DS9: Your Favorite EPISODE Of The Series.

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DS9's cast fragmented a lot in the later seasons and it was rare for them to do a big ensemble episode, so I think it was good for them to have an episode like this in the final season.
It's from this point of view that I've come to appreciate both Take Me Out to the Holosuite and Badda-Bing. Basically they're a way of taking a step back from the ongoing storylines and letting the characters spend a little quality time with each other and with the fans before the final chapter.
To me, the "funny" or "light-hearted" episodes never worked well in DS9. They always came across as forced and out of place and the Ferengi episodes annoyed me to no end. I'm not sure if it was just the tone of the series, the writers' inability to be funny, or the cast's inability to make things funny. To me, the only funny episode that worked well was Trials and Tribbleations and it worked marvelously.
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