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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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I cannot buy that a mammalian and therapsid species could both descend that quickly from the Hebitians.
Was it ever said canonically that Cardassians were actually therapsids?

Their "scales" may be more like the ridges on a Bajoran nose. Having scale-like markings doesn't make a lizard.
Cardassian women have breasts. That should mean that they're mammalian, no? (Not that Trek has ever paid attention to such issues...)

As for Andorian mating, someone did an analysis over on the Trek Lit forum a while ago and showed that four-sexes reproduction would create huge problems - because 2 out of those 4 sexes would be far more common than the other 2. (Say, if we represent zhen as XXXX, shen as XXXY, chan as XXYY and thaan as XYYY, and then list all possible combinations, XXXY and XXYY would be more than 4 times more probable than XXXX and XXXY. Or to be precise, the ratio would be 13:3.) In that light, marriages in four for the purpose of reproduction would not make sense.
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