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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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Indeed. There is more drama and conflict in exploring the role of a hybrid in society than that of a character of a single planetary origin. And Star Trek is a drama first and foremost.
I actually don't agree with this at all. In the history of Trek we have had only one Human-Vulcan hybrid and numerous pureblood Vulcans. I don't think that the stories focusing on the pure Vulcans had less drama and conflict. In fact, only a tiny part of Spock's established history revolved around his human heritage. It's the same with Troi - why not just make her an empathic Betazoid and focus on giving her race a culture and idiosyncracies (instead of plot-busting telepathy)? It's all in the writing and I just think that half-breeds are so cliche that they can represent lazy writing.

There are also numerous ways of doing hybrids that don't involve standard interbreeding. These include rescue from an alien civilisation (Worf, or Seven), genetic transformation (Delenn, Tuvix, Lyta Alexander), disguise (Seska), body swaps/possession (Sargon, Pah Wraiths, Tokra). Generally if an alien species is interesting I don't think you need the millstone of being a hybrid to give the character drama. Trois is the classic example. She was woefully underused and her half-human heritage added no drama at all because she was a poorly conceived character.
The really funny thing with Troi is that later they took pains to show that there is already a spectrum of ability amongst the Betazoid people, from the autism of Lon Suder to slightly above average of Lwaxana Troi to the damaging hyperpathy of Tam Elbrun. They never needed to nerf Troi by making her half-human; they just needed to say she was below average.

Of course, your mileage may vary on how interesting it is to nerf a telepath. I think Tam Elbrun would've made a pretty fun counselor.

Nerys Myk wrote:
I'll take most Spock centric stories over those focusing on Tuvok or T'Pol any day.
I agree, but the more obvious reason is that the writers on Voyager and Enterprise were often unconcerned with character--to put it charitably--and not because Spock was conceived as half-human.

I'd say a large part of who Spock is revolved around his hybrid status and how that impacts on his relationship with Humans and Vulcans. There in lies the potential for drama and conflict. A potential that does not exist for full Vulcans in the same way.
Sure it does. Human (so to speak) heart in conflict with itself, and all that noise. That doesn't depend on some special combination of DNA.

Therin of Andor wrote:
Canonically, the ancient Hebitians seem to have visited both Bajor and Cardassia Prime. The coffee table art book, "New Worlds, New Civilizations" has a story that suggests newly found artifacts from the Hebitians suggested they were progenitors of both races, ie. a common ancestor.
That's always been my favorite theory. It's hard to square it with the huge and obvious morphological differences, but I'll take that problem over the alternative any day.

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