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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Two days worth of work to the hanger deck has produced some good changes. I've been reworking deck 16 aft in order to better define the space around the jeffries tube access and flesh out something more structurally sound. Perfect? No. but workable, yes.

I reworked the round innter wall and cut it down to a 2 inch thickness backed by metallic supports. There's no need to have an outer wall on the upper section; so I cut it out and will be able to work the inner structure better above the hanger bay.

Here's another angle on things.

Part of reworking deck 16 has included nudging the outer edge of the floor into the hull skins in order to better get a feel for
the limits. The rework of deck 17 earlier allowed me to trim the floor thickness of deck 16 to where it really should be. None
of the floors, eventually, will exceed a 2 inch uniform thickness. The support between floor and ceilings is 12 inches of structure bracing. That hasn't put in and largely won't be seen in the low poly model; so, it probably won't much be seen here. In the hanger bay area, more of this will show through; but, forward, not so much.

This is a little better view of how tight a squeeze it is to get to the jeffries access point right now. Getting better. But for
the moment, I don't think it's practiacally workable. More to come
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