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Re: 'Covert Affairs' spy drama on USA with Piper Perabo

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Hey, I'm here on behalf of USA Network. Glad to see you guys are excited about Covert Affairs!

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I have all the "fantasy-based CIA" story I want from Chuck. I'd like to see Covert Affairs take a more real-world approach. I have a hard time believing that the CIA lets their junior agents decide whether to carry firearms. That sounds like a tremendous waste of my tax dollars when a well trained, valuable agent gets offed because they weren't packing, and I want to know where to lodge a complaint.
Temis, Covert Affairs actually is talking a real world approach, highlighted by the inclusion of Bourne's producer Doug Liman. The series is going to touch on all kinds of things - real policies at the CIA (employees are encouraged to date, for instance), real places around CIA HQ and more!
Welcome! It's refreshing to see a PR person not trying to disguise themselves as a brand new cadet who is just REALLY SUPER ENTHUSED about some particular show.

I'm glad to hear this is the real world approach. A lot of us around here are Chuck fans, which is great for the fantasy/lightweight approach, but we really don't need two shows like that (or more - Undercovers sounds like glamorous wish-fulfillment fantasy).

The show has a really interesting cast - Christopher Gorham, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Peter Galagher, Eion Bailey, Kari Matchett and Gregory Itzin (who I hope has a TON of screen time).

Characters are welcome here too!
TrekBBS: Characters are mandatory here.

Love that Opeter Galagher is going to be in the cast. olid cast all around there with soem great actors. I was also rather excited to see Oded Fehr in the previews but from that list above it appears he's not going to be on the show very long or is only a semi-regular which is a shame as I've loved his work since The Mummy.
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