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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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I think in the Star Trek Universe, most humanoid species are compatible. Some more than others, some less. I think real difficulties occur between humanoid and non-humanoid species (like the Horta, Species 8472, and other life-forms that aren't even remotely humanoid in shape or genetic structure (say, non carbon-based).
Dude, you're speaking about a subject you obviously know absolutely nothing about. That is never a good idea. If you have no problem with impossible creatures on Star Trek, that's fine but don't try to argue that they are actually believable. Hybrids are flat-out impossible outside of being genetically engineered and grown in a lab. That is not an opinion.
Unless we make the presumption that some of the humanoid species are either subspecies, or belong to the same genus.
I think we have to as far as the Star Trek Universe is concerned. Humanoids appear to be a very common life-form--as far as this part of the Galaxy is concerned--and it's possible that quite a few humanoid races may have evolved along similar, if not identical evolutionary paths (in a universe where you can have two exactly identical Earths in different parts of the Galaxy, this then isn't really that much of a stretch, IMO).

Trek frequently trumps scientific accuracy in lieu of dramatic necessity, so you frequently have to assume that certain things work in the Star Trek Universe that will never work in the real world (which probably accounts for most of the things we see in Trek). I know it's a difficult concept for some to understand, but there are aspects of Trek that plays by its own rules. Otherwise, you just sit there being miserable and listing all the things that are scientifically impossible.

For all intents and purposes, Humans could be very common life-forms in the Star Trek Universe and "Terrans" may simply mean Humans from Earth. Perhaps the term "humanoid" is derived from any species that is human-like, even if its appearance and internal structure is different (i.e., a bumpy-headed alien).
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