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Re: 'Covert Affairs' spy drama on USA with Piper Perabo

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Hey, I'm here on behalf of USA Network. Glad to see you guys are excited about Covert Affairs!

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I have all the "fantasy-based CIA" story I want from Chuck. I'd like to see Covert Affairs take a more real-world approach. I have a hard time believing that the CIA lets their junior agents decide whether to carry firearms. That sounds like a tremendous waste of my tax dollars when a well trained, valuable agent gets offed because they weren't packing, and I want to know where to lodge a complaint.
Temis, Covert Affairs actually is talking a real world approach, highlighted by the inclusion of Bourne's producer Doug Liman. The series is going to touch on all kinds of things - real policies at the CIA (employees are encouraged to date, for instance), real places around CIA HQ and more!
Welcome! It's refreshing to see a PR person not trying to disguise themselves as a brand new cadet who is just REALLY SUPER ENTHUSED about some particular show.

I'm glad to hear this is the real world approach. A lot of us around here are Chuck fans, which is great for the fantasy/lightweight approach, but we really don't need two shows like that (or more - Undercovers sounds like glamorous wish-fulfillment fantasy).

The show has a really interesting cast - Christopher Gorham, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Peter Galagher, Eion Bailey, Kari Matchett and Gregory Itzin (who I hope has a TON of screen time).

Characters are welcome here too!
TrekBBS: Characters are mandatory here.
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